ALLMSES Partnerships and Programs

Through Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship Partnership Programs, teachers and students have the unique opportunity to work with experts in the areas of environmental stewardship and sustainability. ALLMSES' partnerships support their themed curriculum and provide hands-on instruction for students, professional development for teachers, and opportunities to communicate and learn from individuals and schools across the country. Current partnerships include:

Sports Leadership Academy (SLA) / PlayRugby USA

The SLA brings PlayRugby USA to ALLMSES. This engaging sports-themed after school program’s primary objectives are: (1) academic enrichment to help participants complete k-12 and go on to college; (2) character education through team sports and inclusive, structured competition; (3) fitness, wellness, and nutrition education to involve students and their families in healthy, active lifestyles; (4) community and youth development through service learning, online learning, and team participation. SLA PlayRugby is an afterschool program and registration/application process is required.

New York Cares

New York Cares, the city’s largest volunteer organization, runs programs at Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship. Some theme-related programs include Team Green, in which students participate in fun and engaging green projects and activities; Urban Adventure trips, which satisfy our young explorers’ curiosity; and Basketball Clinic, which promotes overall health and wellness. The long-standing relationship with New York Cares has offered countless opportunities to provide Alain L. Locke students with an experience-based type of education.

Classroom Hydroponic Farm Program / NY Sun Works

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water, without soil. Through a partnership with NY Sun Works, The Greenhouse Project, ALLMSES offers a unique, hands-on Classroom Hydroponic Farm Program. Students grow their own vegetables, from seed germination to harvest! In addition to Science, Math, English and History are integrated into the course. Water resource management, biodiversity, conservation, pollution and nutrition are just some of the topics covered within the Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship's Classroom Hydroponic Farm class. You can follow their Facebook Farm Page to see what's growing now!

Grow NYC

GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit works to improve NYC's quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities.  Through their Greenmarket Youth Education's Seed to Plate Program (an interdisciplinary, standards-aligned 5th grade curriculum), GrowNYC addresses the need to teach NYC school children about our food system.  Seed to Plate utilizes fun, interactive learning experiences while introducing students to why healthful, mindful eating is important not only for their personal health, but for the health of the environment and community that surrounds them.

Children of the Earth Foundation

The Children of the Earth Foundation (COTEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth about stewardship of the Earth through the arts of wilderness survival, tracking, and nature awareness. Students of Alain L. Locke go on field trips to Central Park, Pelham Bay Park, Orchard Beach, etc., where COTEF leaders provide experiences that inspire excitement, adventure, and creativity and infuse a sense of awe into everyday life. This is a full day program that students participate in during the Fall and the Spring.

Lower East Side Ecology Center

The LES Ecology Center brings vermi-composting to Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship. Through this partnership, teachers and students learn about environmental issues facing NYC and take responsibility for solving those problems. The Ecology Center sets up worm bins in classrooms and educates on how composting food scraps allows us to complete the natural cycle. By recycling organic food waste we are producing the very material that supports the growth of life itself: the earth!

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program / Accelerated Reader (AR) Enterprise Program

The Carmel Hill Fund Education Program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the love of reading in children by providing our teachers with the means to improve students’ reading ability. Accelerated Reader is a progress-monitoring software tool that enables teachers to monitor the quantity and quality of our students’ reading practice. AR also motivates students to read a greater quantity of books, with more attention to their comprehension of written material, all the while exposing them to new genres and styles of literature.

Studio in a School

Alain L. Locke Magnet School for Environmental Stewardship introduces an innovative art program into the classroom! In partnership with Studio in a School’s Residency Program, professional artists work in the school, creating an 8-week course for students that focuses on painting, drawing, sculpture, and tunnel books. Reflecting the school’s theme, the art focuses on environmental topics including landscape paintings that depict the relationship of land, water and air.