At the Early Childhood Discovery and Design Magnet School (ECDD) we offer a pre-engineering theme-based curriculum. Our students are encouraged to think creatively and problem-solve through thematic units of study, project-based learning and explorations in our robotics LEGO lab. We use the engineering design cycle to encourage students to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test, Improve and Share. At ECDD, engineering is our method of bridging work and play. Children at play naturally explore the world by imagining, creating and then returning to the same scenario again and again until they have their questions worked out. The engineering design process helps us make this explicit for children, and gives them language and concrete experiences they can use to become powerful learners.


ECDD is a small, safe learning community where all children can make meaningful contributions and thrive as individuals and life-long learners.

Special Programs

As an early childhood school, we are first and foremost accountable for ensuring that every child receives a solid foundation for all future learning in school. Some of what is considered foundational involves habits of mind, the proclivities and attitudes toward learning upon which all future...


The Early Childhood Discovery and Design Magnet School is committed to technology as an essential aspect of a 21st century model of teaching and learning. Some of the tools we incorporate into our classrooms include:


  • SMARTboards

  • iPads

  • ...