The Magnet School for Technology & Communication supports students’ development of the “new literacy skills” of the 21st century: communication, multimedia use, presentation skills, problem solving, creative expression, appreciation of various art forms, critical thinking, global awareness and teamwork. By integrating multimedia arts into the curriculum and teaching students how to use the latest technological tools to broadcast, televise, and film their learning, the staff and students go beyond words in a textbook in order to gain a deeper understanding of core subject matter and share ideas with a larger audience. The integration of our magnet theme into all aspects of school life supports student achievement in a variety of ways.


Statistics show that students who learn through the arts and multimedia do better in school and on tests since they are able to make more connections to content and skills. More importantly, learning the core curriculum through a multimedia lens makes learning hands-on and exciting. Students work with digital cameras, flip cams, and a variety of software and media formats. They take community photo walks, go on trips, and produce a variety of multimedia projects, such as iMovies, photo journals, expo galleries, and multimedia landscapes. In addition, this project-based approach to learning teaches children how to function in groups and communicate with each other to accomplish tasks. In short, our multimedia approach to education nurtures the whole child, develops students who love to learn, and helps each child reach his or her greatest potential.

Special Programs
  • Dual Language Program (English and Spanish)

  • Special Education Services (ICT, Self Contained, SETTS)


Before School:


  • NY Cares Early Bird Readers


After School:



We believe that integrating technology into all aspects of teaching, learning and communication enhances learning experiences and promotes a stimulating, high interest learning environment that engages and excites students. Here are some of the 21st century tools we are using, and ways we are...

Dual Language Program

Our Dual Language Program is not just designed for English Language Learners, but for native English speakers as well. This program successfully educates students belonging to each of these groups through a curriculum designed to foster an appreciation for one’s own culture and the culture of...