The Museum Magnet School is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school where classrooms parallel the museum process: exploring, experimenting, explaining and exhibiting. At the Museum Magnet School we break beyond the walls of the classroom through the constant use of technology and museum education. We emphasize curiosity, cutting edge curriculum, creativity, collaboration and confidence. Our students make connections between major academic concepts, their own lives, and the world beyond, by utilizing museums as primary and secondary sources.


The integration of our magnet theme into the core curriculum is intended to increase student achievement by having children engage in "hands-on, minds-on" learning where they inquire, innovate and imagine. Our students have the opportunity to learn from experts by way of our connection to and partnerships with world class institutions, they receive in-depth and guided instruction in their studies through interdisciplinary projects, they have access to world-class museums, historical sites and nature centers in the tri-state area, and they utilize museums as real and virtual extensions of classroom learning. Some projects our students have worked on in the past are: interactive museum exhibitions, films, documentaries, 3D models and dioramas, performance exhibitions with technology stations, themed quilts, and large scale themed murals (painted on the front of the school).


In short, we use museum resources and 21st century technology to cultivate inquiry and foster imagination in all members of our school community so that students become successful innovators today and are prepared to meet the important challenges of tomorrow.


Magnet Standards:


  • Actively engage and interact with various museums, cultural institutions, and the performing arts.
  • Become "museum researchers" who will utilize primary, secondary, and museum resources to understand the core curriculum and beyond
  • Visually display work in a museum-like way that explicitly illustrates knowledge, skills, including writing for a museum audience
  • Actively engage in Project Based Learning (PBL) that demands critical thinking, collaboration and communication 
  • Know and use evolving 21st century technology to support college and career readiness


Special Programs

Before School:


  • NY Cares Early Bird Readers
  • Friday Family Technology Academy
  • AIS Before School Program


After School:


  • Chess Club 
  • Science Club
  • Ball for Your Life...

We believe that integrating technology into all aspects of teaching, learning and communication enhances learning experiences and promotes a stimulating, high interest learning environment that engages and excites students. Here are some examples of tools and strategies we are employing to...