Through a wide range of rich partnerships our teachers and students have unique opportunities to work with experts in the field of media, arts and academic institutions that support our school theme and provide hands-on instruction in a variety of subjects.

PENCIL and Morgan Stanley

PENCIL inspires innovation and improves student achievement by partnering business leaders with public schools. West Prep has forged a partnership with the investment corporation Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley has offered an array of support to West Prep including institutional strategies, parent engagement programs and technology services. Because of this long-lasting and empowering partnership, we have been able to create real solutions for student achievement that have transformed our school.

Columbia University

Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and West Prep have partnered in creating an innovative English Arts Curriculum centered around the “workshop model.” The Teachers College Reading and Writing Program uses renowned and proven techniques that work with children. The organization has developed state-of-the-art tools and methods for teaching of reading and writing, that are implemented across the grades at West Prep.

SASI - Center for Arts Education

Because of generous support from the United States Department of Education, the SASI grant provided to West Prep has enabled us to provide rich and multi-faceted arts instruction to all our students. Through this foundation, West Prep has been able to fund several arts programs for students that expose them to a variety of mediums. The CAE has world renowned artists and educators working directly with teachers, students and coaches integrating the arts. Because of this grant West Prep has been able to establish a marching band, chorus, digital photography elective, dance workshops, and a drumline.


West Prep Academy was selected to join to the I-Zone 360 cohort after a competitive process that eliminated all but 25 schools for this distinguished honor among New York City Department of Education Public Schools. The iZone 360 program is a unique opportunity for NYC schools to receive support for innovative programs that personalize learning for students. The iZone and West Prep are on the cutting edge of innovation in schools. Programs that iZone supports at West Prep include digital portfolios, the Bridge to Gateway program, personalized learning within student schedules, and Scholar Led Conferences, to name a few. With a focus on personalized learning for each student, we hope to continue our growing trend of academic achievement for all.

Fordham University STEP Program

STEP is an exciting and rigorous academic enrichment program designed to help prepare junior high and high school students for licensed professions and scientific, technical and health-related careers. STEP works hard to help increase the representation of minorities and economically disadvantaged people in these fields.

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning’s mission is the education of a nation, one student at a time. At the core of Big Picture Learning’s mission is a commitment to equity for all students, especially underserved urban students, and the expectation that these students can achieve success. Big Picture Learning designs innovative, personalized learning environments, researches and replicates new models for learning, and they also train educators to serve as leaders in their schools and communities.