School FAQs

What are the new changes to our Uniform Policy?

All students are expected to be dressed in official school polos, and T-Shirts. This means that their T-shirts and Polos must have our school logo on them and are ordered through the main office. Parents can stop by and pick up an order form or download it from our website: go to and click on the news tab.


What are the locker policies?

Lockers were installed inside the classrooms. Students must have a parent sign their locker contract, and must use their locker to store their belongings and coats. Students are allowed to go to lockers during arrival, before lunch, after lunch, and at the end of the school day.


What afterschool activities are offered?

West Prep is proud to partner with the YMCA for a free after school program. Our teachers also offer several options for students after school to work one on one with students and support them with homework and class work during this program. Our programs range from sports, to Zumba, to Cooking classes.


How can I track my child’s grades?

All parents and students can log on to to find out their grades at any time. Teachers are encouraged to update all assignments on a regular basis. Parent and student passwords and login directions were sent home last week with progress reports. If you need your password reset or you do not know your account information, please email:


What type of special programs and electives are offered at West Prep?

At West Prep there is something for everybody. We encourage our scholars in grades 6–8 to participate a 
range of elective courses. Elective Courses throughout the expanded school day include: West Prep Band, Digital Music Production, Multimedia, Regents courses: U.S. History, Living Environment, Spanish, Journalism, Peer Mediation, Chess, Tutoring, Dance (Tap, Step) Yearbook, Service Learning, and Health.