School Tours

Parents have great things to say about West Prep after visiting. They are very impressed with our principal and the staff. Our open houses allow parents and students to explore the curriculum, special programs, and even speak to faculty and students about their experiences. We offer three evening open houses in the fall as well as several daytime tours. We understand that parents have busy schedules, so we try to be as flexible as possible. Feel free to contact Magnet School Specialist Cidalia Costa to arrange a tour.


Check back in September for our announcements of our next Open House.


“I have to say that there is a buzz being spoken about the school (all positive so far). I have bumped into many of the same parents at other open houses and they say by far West Prep Academy sticks out the most to them. I do believe your mission is unique, valuable and inspiring. I love to see the kids in action.”


Prospective Parent — Child’s Class of 2016

To register for an Open House, please contact Cidalia Costa at or 212-280-8502.


To register for a School Tour, please contact Cidalia Costa at or 212-280-8502.