Special Programs

Allowing students to discover their “hidden talents” is just one of the many things that make West Prep a special place. Student artists, musicians, dancers and singers will all have the opportunity to explore their craft and engage in a sequential arts curriculum during their academic career at WPA.


Throughout the school year various elective courses will be offered. Students exercise their voice and choice when choosing an elective that is right for them. Some programs are extended into the afternoon or early mornings to offer intensive workshops for extra rehearsals or one-to-one lessons.



Students have the opportunity to work with a world renowned choral teacher each year while in middle school. The West Prep chorus participates in two concerts per year, known as Arts Showcases.

Students from our Chorus have also been hand selected year after year to participate in the “Count Me In” program sponsored by Carnegie Hall that prepares students to audition for various performing arts high schools in NYC.



The WPA Drumline can be heard from blocks away as they rehearse their tricks, stunts and dazzling beats! Our drumline has attended competitions in the city with some of the best marching bands in town. The drumline director has decades of experience in the industry, and even directed several drumline performances at the Barclays Center and MSG.


Advanced Media Studies

Students in the Advanced Media Studies course have worked on independent study projects ranging from music video direction to stop motion animation. Advanced Media electives offer a time and space for scholars to take ownership of their learning and embark on a project that gives them creative and intellectual freedom.