Miracle Rivera, Student- “My experience at West Prep has helped shape the person I am today. I appreciate the focus on technology and the emphasis on getting good grades. I have been a Super Scholar several times and it has changed how I see myself as a person.”


Svati Lelyveld, Teacher- “I am so fortunate to have begun my teaching career at WPA. The school is really like a family. The high academic expectations we hold for our students, coupled with the mentorship and guidance of the administration has really helped me grow as a teacher and gives me reason to love my job every single day.”


“It's been a few months, and I’m just as happy at the school now as I was 2 weeks into it. The 6th grade teachers are exceptional. They promptly answer all my emails, have been very supportive of my son, and he is learning a lot. They have a “Super Scholar” program where they recognize and reward kids who have achieved over 85% in a quarter, and he’s been a super scholar for the first two quarters. The homework is demanding but not overwhelming. (I am not a parent who likes homework to begin with, but it’s bearable to me.) The staff is professional and approachable. The facility is always clean and bright and I feel very welcomed. Dr. Padilla has done an excellent job in his first few years and I am very pleased.”

-Liz Wolfe, 7th Grade Parent


“One thing that this middle school does, that is not done at many other middle schools, is to make actual tangible rewards for academic success. My daughter as well as many of her peers are acknowledged for their effort and are given real opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Super Scholars is not just a name, Super Scholars get actual privileges day by day. And are given opportunities to go on special trips. That’s a tangible reward, and it means a lot to the kids!”

-Dr. Susannah G. Jacobi, PHD 8th grade Parent


“As a West Prep mom. . . . I know first-hand the changes that can take place when you have a principal with top-of-the-heap leadership skills and classroom teachers who care about their students. West Prep Academy restored my faith in the New York City public school system. I saw what can be accomplished—when the school, parent and child work together, it is impossible to fail.”

-Terri Watson, West Prep Parent class of 2013